Best Storefront Security Solutions in Toronto

Best Storefront Security Solutions in Toronto

Emart Factory Corporation was found in 1989 and is in business since 2002. They have been supplying large and small businesses in the past decades .They specialize in steel fabrication, machining, aluminum extrusion, aluminum casting, iron & steel casting, plastic injection, powder coating, zinc and chrome plating.

The Product quality of Emart factory corp is mind-blowing; there aim is to produce quality products and consumer friendly product. Emart designs and manufacturing is exceptionally good, from storefront security, to Ergonomic, to OEM to Railing Accessory to organizer industry.

They also specialize in security industry and nobody can challenge the security product they provide, as for instance storefront security, fixed windows bars, basement window bars, sliding grille, rolling shutters, wrought iron doors, security wire mesh, security film, security sliding glass door, CCTV cameras, and service door bar, wrought iron fencing.

In storefront security they provide free consultation, free onsite quotation, different color option and sizes. Emart has plenty of stock and plenty of application which could accommodate almost any windows or door size. The manufactures of security folding gates and sliding Grill also comes in different sizes. The diamond hole as small as 2.5 and quot; where only two fingers can go through. In Security folding gate, regular folding gate they use very strong special aluminium rivet connecting 13mm and times; 13mm square tubing together. 2,5 mm U- Channel frame making the gate stable and stronger. Also put self -lubricate washer between tubing protection scratching, and make it expand very smooth and easy. Easy to use automatic pushing lock or cylinder lock. The finishing is very high end powder coating, make surface smooth. Special treatment gate can protect rust 10 years outside Security folding window bar usage. Fire exit door protecting people touch thumb from outside.

Window and door protection partition panel cage panel available in different colors and amp; sizes. Thus Canadian window and door security is one of the division of Emart factory corp
The products are sent through the distribution centers in Canada (Toronto), United States, Europe, China and South America.

The Engineer and design department can provide custom based product-development and implementation. The quality control department is responsible for the durable quality. As more than twenty years history in the manufacturing industry they are committed to offer the market product at factory direct pricing without compromising quality. The aim is to offer the competitive prices.

The factory is team-based relationship with the customers and approach both challenges and opportunities together. At Emart Factory Corp, the rates are very competitive and also price matched. The entire products are installed by the professional installers and also provide installation drawings and instruction.

The focus is to establish long-term relationships with the customers and to provide support to every customer.

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