Makita Tool Parts

Makita Tool Parts

If you’re looking for a power tool that can get whatever job needs to be done, just ask for the top-rated, high-quality Makita brand power tool and parts. Makita power tools and parts has revolutionized woodworking and metal jobs, from to drilling, cutting, nailing, planing, and more – it has the power to do it faster and more simpler than any other brand in the world today. Whether working indoors or outdoors, Makita allows you the advantage of flexibility for both types of applications with its Makita cordless power tools that are powered by a lithium Ion 18 volt battery to give you maximum power and reliability.

With its advanced quality control, each motor is checked 19 times for quality assurance, the shafts and gears are heat treated for more durability, the tightest tolerances testing are made for longer lasting performance, the electrical components undergo rigorous testing for maximum, optimal resistance, surge durability and mechanical efficiency, and finally a 3 minute final-run test under power for maximum performance.

All Makita parts such as the gears and armature shafts are made from premium-grade steel for added strength, its field core are made from premium-grade magnetic steel to provide an efficient current flow for more power, while its 97% pure magnetic copper wire provides superior current flow that can withstand extreme temperatures, and is wound more times than the standard to provide increased power and torque.

A few of the Makita cordless product line-up are as follows: Combo Kits, Driver Drills / Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Circular Saws, Recipro Saws, Jig Saws, Flashlights, Blowers.

Makita applies the latest innovation techniques that is backed up by almost 90 years of experience in advanced motor design in manufacturing the best power tools in the market worldwide. Makita Power Tool motor components are made from the highest quality raw materials, making it the longest lasting and most efficient motors in the power tool industry. All its finished products undergo the most rigorous testing of all its components to ensure top functionality and reliability. Being more compact and energy efficient and having a lesser weight makes it the ideal tool for professional and non-professionals alike.

With its world-class industrial power tools and parts – for all end-users, it can withstand even the most heaviest working conditions, yet may last longer with periodic repairs and maintenance. The company has factory trained technicians that can fix most tool problems within 3 days, provides free repair estimates and labor costs, free pick-up and delivery (select markets), free knowledge and educational support, free technical support center (1-800-4MAKITA), maximum repair cost program, and genuine quality Makita replacement parts.

With Makita Power Tools and Parts, you’re not just a tradesman, you’re a person.

eReplacement sells all types of replacement tool parts. They distribute many types of power tool accessories including: Sandpaper Belts and Band Saw Blades. Visit us today to find the right accessories for your tools.

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